Change Management

Change has become a constant in the life of organizations, whether it responds to performance issues or is imposed by new regulations, we can help you take control of your transformation projects to get the best benefits while respecting your cost and time constraints. Any change represents a situation of effort and therefore potentially of tension. Relying on the complementarities of our consultants, we are able to accompany you whatever the nature of the change.

Project management

Project management allows you to monitor and control all stages of your project, from planning to final delivery. This allows you to keep your project on track, identify potential problems before they become major ones and take action to remedy them quickly, while managing resources and budgets more efficiently.
ATS can either support you throughout the entire project cycle or intervene in a specific phase:

• Defining the objective and building the roadmap ;
• Ensure the follow-up with indicators defined beforehand ;
• Monitor and adjust the schedule ;
• Identification of risks and implementation of preventive actions ;
• Control the budget ;
• Supervise the project team and ensure optimal resource management.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is critical for any business that wants to remain competitive in a world of constant technological change. By digitalizing processes and using the latest technologies, companies can improve their operational efficiency, deliver a better customer experience, increase profitability and growth. Digital transformation can also help companies stay at the forefront of their industry by adopting new business models and leveraging data to make better-informed decisions.
We can design and secure business transformation from vision to execution:

• Drive activity through data;
• Master Cyber risks;
• Automate controls;
• Increase efficiency and productivity;
• Assist in the selection of IT tools;
• Support IT migrations.

Operational Excellency

Operational improvement is an essential strategy for any business. It seeks to optimize processes and improve efficiency by identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks in current processes, with the goal of making targeted improvements to reduce costs, increase product or service quality, reduce cycle times, and improve customer satisfaction.
We bring our experience and pragmatism to improve competitiveness at all levels:

• Process Analysis: Comprehensive evaluation of operational processes to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement;
• Development of improvement plans to optimize your processes and increase efficiency;
• Implementation of KPIs aligned with the company's strategy and enabling identification of appropriate actions;
• Training and upgrading of employees' skills; • Consultation on optimizing processes and cost reduction.